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Embassy Flood Relief Fund - Closed for applications

28.05.2014 // Within the Embassy Fund, the Norwegian embassy will in the coming months focus on supporting local organisations, communities and authorities in their efforts to regain normalcy and livelihood in their communities and to develop social structures and cooperation in the flooded areas.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade is managing several local funding mechanisms for project support to local communities, civil society organizations and municipal structures.Within the Embassy Fund, the Norwegian embassy will focus in the coming months on supporting local organisations, communities and authorities in their efforts to regain normalcy and livelihood in their communities and to develope social structures and cooperation in the flooded areas. Within the current budget for the Embassy Fund, the embassy is redirecting 500.000 EUR for this purpose in Serbia, and the embassy will give this type of applications highest priority in the forthcoming months.

All the information in the guidelines on the Embassy Fund page is relevant and applicable to the Flood Relief Fund. All prospective applicants should take into account the following specific features:

- Eligible applicants are local governments and civil society organizations. Interventions proposed should be in line with the applicants’ prior experience and expertise.

- Priority will be given to applications covering the municipalities affected: Čačak, Užice, Požarevac, Loznica, Šabac, Smederevo, Jagodina, Valjevo, Grocka, Obrenovac, Koceljeva, Krupanj, Lazarevac, Vladimirci, Smederevska Palanka, Mali Zvornik, Ćuprija, Paraćin, Žagubica, Trstenik, Ub, Lajkovac, Bogatić, Surčin, Svilajnac, Bor, Mionica, Ljubovija, Sremska Mitrovica, Kraljevo, Pećinci, Lajkovac, Osečina, and Ljig.

- Following types of interventions will be given priority, but the support may not be limited to these areas alone:

  • Debris cleaning, sanitation and disinfection of public areas,
  • Assessment of damage and planning of priority measures,
  • Provision and infrastructure of community based social services to vulnerable groups affected by the floods,
  • Cooperation between civil society organizations and municipal structures in re-establishing livelihood structures and income bases for the local population,
  • Reconstruction of public infrastructure, such as health institutions, kindergartens, shelters etc.; (please, however note that schools belonging to primary and secondary education system will be a separate priority within the Norwegian bilateral program)

As of 10.10.2014 the Embassy has decided to sign contracts through the Embassy Flood Relief Fund with the following eight projects: 

  1. Business Innovation Program (BIP) – Post-flood technical assistance to small and medium enterprises in Obrenovac: Establishment of  mechanisms for administrative/legal assistance and distribution of information on existing relief programs for SMEs and entrepreneurs damaged in floods, as well as capacity building for recovery of local economy. 573 763 NOK,
  2. Adventist Development and Relief Agency Serbia (ADRA Serbia) – Recovering Living Conditions of the Most Affected Families by Flooding in Paracin (RAINBOW): Drying and cleaning of flooded houses and procurement of vouchers for household equipment to especially vulnerable families. 416 495 NOK,
  3. City of Kraljevo – Rehabilitation of flood damage to the unregulated part of river Ribnica in Kraljevo: The rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure in Kraljevo and a bridge spanning the Ribnica. 334 021 NOK,
  4. Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO) - Post floods rehabilitation: Distribution of livestock to especially vulnerable farmers that are victims of the flood in Obrenovac and general agricultural consultation and rehabilitation to the farmers of the area. 458 705 NOK,
  5. Foundation SOS Children's Villages Serbia - Humanitarian Assistance for the Flood Victims in Serbia: Procurement of food, clothing and equipment to vulnerable children and adults in Lazarevac and Obrenovac as well as the creation of mobile teams for aid to rural areas hit by the flood. 384 329 NOK,
  6. Divac Foundation - Support to vulnerable groups from flood affected areas: Provision of housing reconstruction and economic revitalization to most vulnerable flood-affected families in Obrenovac and surrounding villages and furnishing of two centres for persons with disabilities in Obrenovac. Engagement of volunteers in cleaning and sanitation actions. € 86 529,
  7. Business Development Centre Kragujevac - Housing Support to Flood Damaged Households in Svilajnac: The project aims at improving housing condition of the most vulnerable families struck by flood in Svilajnac, through provision of at least 40 housing packages. € 40 200,
  8. Municipality of Cuprija - System for Flood Protection of Rural Settlements: Creating a system for flood protection in the village Jovac, to prevent major disasters. € 45 731,

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