One million euro for the digitalization of Serbia’s cadaster

Norway has supported the digitalisation of Serbia’s cadastre for almost a decade, and will continue the support.

On Friday 10, the Norwegian ambassador Arne Sannes Bjornstad visited the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA), praising the good cooperation and relationship between the RGA and Norway. Norway has been supporting the institution to digitalize cadaster for almost a decade.

According to Mr Bjornstad, a country’s cadaster needs to be reliable and contain important information about the property rights. “Both citizens and foreign investors need a reliable cadastre which should be easily accessible. The most practical solution is a digitalised registry. Norwegian expertise has proved to be useful and we are happy to lend a hand,” said the Ambassador during the visit.

After the tour around the building and the projection of a short move about the work in the RGA, he said that Norway would further support the project with one million Euros. “The digitalization of the cadastre is an important part of Serbian’s efforts in “e-government”, which will improve the services provided by the government to both individuals and companies” said Mr. Bjørnstad and added: “We hope that a better cadastre may lead to more investors in Serbia. If so, it would be great news for everyone.”

The head of the digital archive, Danilo Radunovic, was very pleased, thanked for all the support Norway provided and said, “Because of the Norwegian embassy, we have the right technology to realize the digitalization-project.”

The director of the RGA, Borko Draskovic, was very proud of the achievements during the past years. He said that the RGA today is a representative institution in the Republic of Serbia. “Further, I must add, none of this could have happened without the strong and continuous support we have received from Norway, both economically and intellectually.”

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